Customer Comment: Ryan Twigg is just a wonderful salesperson. I will definitely be looking for him whenever I visit Moffat’s for whatever. Aaron and Jeffrey should be congratulated for avoiding the hard-sell in favour of looking after our best interests.
Obviously all the covid protocols are followed and more important…enforced!
It’s difficult to give a score of 10 out of 10 for whatever…and be able to justify it because it seems there is always something you could think of that wasn’t quite right.

However, we are driving around in our new Mazda CX-30 and it’s like a dream come true. Ryan Twigg, our salesperson, was absolutely the best…he served us well, was extremely attentive, had our best interests in mind, and never did we feel like we were in that cliched situation of an overbearing car salesman playing mind games with you to get the sale done. Thanks to Aaron and Jeffrey in the finance end of things, getting all the paper work done for us in a timely fashion and putting us behind the wheel of our new car. In closing, I’d just like to repeat how easy and pleasant it was to do business with Moffat’s Mazda. Thanks!