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We've all heard other car dealerships boasting that they're the best; that they have the best customer service and they always have the lowest prices. We here at Moffatt's Mazda go about things a bit differently. Instead of us standing on top of the highest building and yelling why we're the best, we leave it up to our clients.

We welcome everyone to review us on Social Media. This allows all our future clients to understand that our promise to have you not just leave here happy but to keep you happy for the entire time you own your vehicle is indeed a fact. After all, who is more trust worthy than your own friends and family, right?

Please feel free to leave us a review by sending us a message or view how thousands have been happy they've chosen Moffatt's Mazda.


as reported by Medallia

  • MEGAN APRIL 14, 2024

    Customer comment:  Matt Weeks was fantastic to deal with, he really went above and beyond to help me determine which trim level suits my wants and needs while still working within my budget. He was responsive, friendly, informative and patient with my many questions and requests.

  • JOHN APRIL 8, 2024

    Customer comment:  Moffat's Mazda made my purchasing experience so easy, my sales rep Chloe Basque was great. She found the vehicle that I wanted, test drove it on a Monday, Chloe had it ready for me to test drive it a second time on Wednesday and it was delivered to me on Saturday of the same week. Both Chloe and Jeffrey McCormick sorted out getting [...]

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  • H. APRIL 6, 2024

    Customer comment:  Both Steve Weston and Jeff provided excellent service. Steve Weston took the time to answer all of [...]

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  • LEE APRIL 6, 2024

    Customer comment:  Every member of your team had class. Mac, Ambrosio and Jeff. They were thorough and I picked my car up in 4 days. Even the reception always smiled at me.        

  • Diane APRIL 1, 2024

    Customer comment: Every one there is congenial, helpful and professional.

  • LARA APRIL 1, 2024

    Customer Comment: Overall great experience!