Is Chip Guard

Paint Protection Film

Worth It?

Whether you just bought a new car or repainted your old one, there’s no better way to protect your car’s finish than with Chip Guard. With an installer with high attention to detail and a quality product, you’ll be able to preserve your vehicle’s beauty and sheen for up to years.

What is Chip Guard?

Chip Guard, also called paint protection film (PPF), is a thin layer of thermoplastic urethane placed over the car’s body panels to protect them from scratches, UV rays, rock chips, and other road debris that can damage the exterior. Installed by an expert, Chip Guard is virtually undetectable.

How does Chip Guard Paint Protection Film Work?

Paint protection film (PPF) acts as a buffer between your vehicle and abrasive debris, absorbing impact and preserving the surface underneath. In rare cases, if the object that strikes your vehicle is sharp enough and you’re driving fast enough, your paint protection film may be punctured. In these cases, any damage to the paint job will be far less than it would have been without Chip Guard.

Paint protection films may also be self-healing – this means superficial scratches and swirl marks in the film disappear upon contact with heat. Simply wash your vehicle with warm water or leave it out under the sun, and the Chip Guard will smooth itself out like magic, leaving the surface sleek and shiny again.

Is it Worth it to Install Chip Guard on your Car?

Whether or not Chip Guard is worth getting depends on what you’re planning to do with your vehicle and what’s important to you. Generally speaking, there are three reasons to install paint protection film on your vehicle:

1. You want to get the highest resale price possible when it’s time to sell.

Protecting the appearance of your vehicle means preserving its value. Used vehicles in excellent condition generally fetch 10-15 percent more at resale than those in the same interior condition but with superficial chips and scratches. Ten to 15 percent can make a big difference, especially on higher-end vehicles.

2. Rock chips, swirl marks, scratches and other imperfections drive you crazy.

Approaching your vehicle, you notice some light scratches on the fender that weren’t there before—do you get upset or shrug them off? Ask yourself what your vehicle’s appearance is worth to you. Sometimes the answer is “not much,” and that’s fine, but if keeping your vehicle looking glossy and smooth is important to you, then paint protection film is definitely worth the investment.

3. You’ve put a lot of time or money into restoring your vehicle to its former glory.

Restoring a vintage or antique vehicle is a lot of work and often very expensive. It can take years just to find all the parts you need, and a new paint job on a classic car isn’t cheap. It makes very little sense to us to put in all that effort just to let your vehicle look beaten up again!

Chip Guard At Moffatt’s Mazda

Curious how much chip guard would cost for your vehicle? We will quote for complete coverage for your vehicle or specific areas, such as the front of the hood and side fenders, which are the high-impact areas that are most vulnerable to damage. Pricing information also available.

At Moffatt’s Mazda, we can also do custom Chip Guard installations on any make or model of vehicle, whether purchased from our lot or elsewhere. Contact Moffatt’s Mazda for more information about Chip Guard installation pricing and options.