The safety of your passengers, yourself, and others is a priority when you are driving your vehicle. Healthy brakes are essential to ensure a safe ride, and by regularly servicing your brakes you can help prevent damage or injury.

Regularly servicing your brakes is also important for your vehicle performance. If you wait too long for brake service you may damage other parts of your vehicle including calipers, rotors or drums. This can develop the need for further repairs and parts resulting in additional costs to you.

How Will I Know My Brakes Need Service?

Your regular vehicle maintenance schedule, service advisor or mechanic will be able to tell you when they need to be serviced. Brake pads are designed to wear gradually, however, the number of kilometres driven and the style of your driving will make them wear differently over time. It is important to not ignore the signals of brake deterioration.

One indication of thinning brake pads is if your brakes are slow to react when you hit the brake pedal. It is risky to delay brake inspection as ignoring this could result in an accident and possible injury.

If you feel shuddering or vibration, the vehicle pulling to one side, or you hear a squealing noise it is necessary to get your brakes inspected. These are all indicators of disc or rotor wear resulting from deterioration of the brake pads. Please note, if you have to hit your brakes quickly and there is a pulsating, that is your ABS system (if equipped) – this is a normal reaction.

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