Through Moffatt’s Mazda, you can attain the most desirable mid-size sedan car on the market today, the Mazda6. It will thrill and surprise you in many ways, while still addressing your everyday needs.

Explosive Performance

Among the best Mazda6 features are those that affect performance. They make the car thrilling to drive anywhere, even if you’re just going to the store.

Must of this pleasure in driving comes from the standard 2.5-litre Skyactiv-G engine. It provides plenty of power when you need it, but without sacrificing efficiency. That means you can get up to speed quickly and confidently.

To balance out that power, Mazda includes a Skyactiv-Chassis. It provides excellent stability when you’re travelling at higher speeds, like on the highway. At the same time, the chassis helps the car to handle with extreme precision at lower speeds so that you can navigate through parking areas and other tight situations without incident.

One of the many designs that help with efficiency, i-Eloop regenerative braking helps take some strain off the engine. The power it captures and converts into electricity powers the different electrical systems, instead of the engine performing that function.

Outstanding Safety

The Mazda6 sedan car boasts plenty of safety innovations that help you avoid accidents, plus protect you if do crash.

G-Vectoring Control leads to smoother handling and helps prevent the car veering off the road. After all, irregularities in the road surface can make keeping within lane lines while travelling through a turn challenging, is not impossible. If you cross over the lines, you risk hitting other cars. This technology automatically adjusts engine torque output for a smoother vehicle weight transfer.

Other safety innovations fall into the i-Activsense suite of features. Radar cruise control automatically adjusts vehicle speed if your preset puts you on a collision course with slower traffic. It maintains a safe following distance, all the way to 30 km/hour. The lane-keep assist system detects if the sedan leaves a marked lane unintentionally, providing small corrections to the steering to get it back into the lane. Another example is Smart Brake Support, which avoids collisions, or at the very least reduces their severity. Sensors detect if an object is in the car’s pathway ahead, warning you of the danger. If you fail to apply the brakes, the system will do it for you.

Accommodating Conveniences

No matter where you go, designs loaded into the Mazda6 make it a convenient way to travel. These features mean nobody will dread any journey, no matter how long.

One everyone will appreciate is the sound-deadening materials included throughout, like acoustic glass for the windows and superior door seals. The keep the interior quieter, even when you’re traveling at highway speeds.

When you choose the Mazda6 GT, a full-colour Active Driving Display helps keep your eyes on the road. It projects important information above the instrument panel, where you’re looking anyway, minimising distraction. This innovative feature includes Traffic Sign Recognition, which automatically displays the last sign you passed, in case you missed what it said.

Try out the 2017 Mazda6 for yourself by making an appointment with Moffatt’s Mazda.